Asphalt Surfacing Company (ASCO)

History and Core Values

ASCO was founded in 1960 and then acquired by Henry Carlson Company in 1974.  It has since operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Henry Carlson Company.  With more than a half century of history and experience,  ASCO has been a staple in the Sioux Falls area industry.  Due to such longevity, its a high probability if you have driven on it, parked on it, or walked/ran on it... ASCO has paved it.  We are THE Asphalt Surfacing Company to call for all your asphalt and grading needs.  

  • SAFETY. We are dedicated to maintaining a safe work environment for our employees, our subcontractors, our clients and the general public.  We want everyone to go home safe every day.

  • INTEGRITY. In all our dealings we will be fair, consistent and polite.  We will not accept unethical behavior by employees, and we will do what we say we will do. 

  • TEAMWORK. Our goal is to be part of a project team that through cooperative efforts achieves extraordinary results and provides a path to success for all participants.  

  • QUALITY. Our goal is to provide a product that meets the design intent and surpasses the expectations of the client.  

If you can drive on it, park on it, walk/run on it or land a plane on it...ASCO can pave it.